At SouthWest Kitchens in March

Dear Kitchen Friends ,

It’s done! The new sink and counter have been installed.
Time for you to come by and admire them!


This week four young ladies between 10 and 14 years of age are participating in our first-ever March Break Cooking Day Camp, led by me and our beloved retired cook Pauline Matte. The idea is obviously for the girls to learn to cook, but personally, I find the learning process easier and more fun when I have a project or am working toward a specific goal.

This week, the young people and I have two, and you are going to want to know about them:
-       Tomorrow, Wednesday, community meal at 12:30
-       This Friday, March 9th, British-style afternoon tea, scones, finger sandwiches etc. 4PM

These two meals will be conceived, prepared and served by our lovely young people. Come support them! All are welcome, you don’t need to book ahead. Donations are gratefully accepted.

I am very pleased to announce on the fly that Southwest Mission will be receiving a grant of over $10,000 from Centraide’s Projet Impact Collectif (PIC) for the Verdun borough. This nice sum will allow us to make our Welcome Wednesday lunches weekly instead of every two weeks, as well as offering more kitchen services to other community groups who need them.

We are very lucky to count more than one partner like Centraide, who believe in our mission and support our community work on a daily basis. Without them, we would have much less to offer. O gratefulness!

So ! Thanks to Centraide, our community meals are weekly as of right now. One week, we will serve up the three-course meal you have become accustomed to, and you will be able to avail yourself of the fresh produce for sale at our mini-market. The next week, we will offer a lighter lunch, certain to be exclusively vegetarian, with no accompanying market.

Other activities in our kitchen :
-       Tuesday March 13, 1 :30 PM: baby food workshop in partnership with CLSC de Verdun.
-       Thursday march 15, 11 h : first spring meeting of the GUSTO group, collective kitchen for seniors 65 and up.
-       Tuesday March 20, 5:00 PM: beginning of Spring session of Easy Peasy Recipes, cooking workshops for 10-12 yr-olds.
-       Wednesday March 21, 5:00 PM: beginning of Spring session of TeenCuisine, cooking workshops for teens 13 and up.
-       Friday March 23, 11 h 30 : trip to Moisson Montreal. Seeking volunteers to help unload the SUV, sort through the food donation and to participate in some quick transformation.
-       Sunday March 25, 12 h 30 : community celebration (Meli-melo) lunch and activities for the whole family.
-       Monday March 26, 4 :30 – 7PM : Centre des femmes de Verdun collective kitchen.

For details on these activities, please consult the two calendars put together by Verdun sans faim, the Verdun food security and urban agriculture round table (they appear on the Blog in a post from March 1st). Don’t hesitate to share these calendars widely.

Happy maple syrup time!

Léonore Pion
Community Cook
Kitchen coordinator, SouthWest Mission | 
Facebook : SouthWest Kitchens / Les cuisines du Sud-Ouest