Living history: stained glass windows


In the story of crossing the Jordan river into the promised land, each tribe was to bring a stone out of the riverbed and place it on the opposite bank.  These stones would stand as a reminder to future generations of how God had brought the people from slavery into a new homeland. Joshua said to the leaders of the twelve tribes, When your children ask what these stones mean tell them the story. (Joshua 4:1-7).
A few weeks ago Jim and Jane visited SouthWest during worship. Jim shared a few words about the importance of certain stained glass windows in the sanctuary and their dedication to his grandmother. These are words he sent as a witness to their importance.

In this very place on July 6th, 1963, my mother, Donna Hill, and her husband, Jim Hughes were married. Watching from the first pew were my mother's parents, Donald and Ruby Hill, who were part of the Crawford Park United community for decades. My grandmother passed away in 1966. In her honour and to her memory, Donald commissioned the design and manufacture  of the three stained glass windows that have lived in the church ever since. My wife, Jane, and I are so pleased to be part of today's service and thank you for your kind and generous welcome to Southwest!

Jim Hughes Junior