Minister's Message: Renovations and Changes

The SouthWest Office has physically closed for two months and the Mission for two weeks, until July 16. The office will adapt with the help of internet and function as best as it is able during this period. Be supportive during this change to our office administrator, Amy. Messages will be reviewed daily but there may not be a real live person answering your calls. I am available throughout the summer and include my cell below to facilitate communication during this time. These are significant renovations that will improve the fire safety of the former Woodland School and secure the Mission space more efficiently. As in all renovations there will be a mess! And the hope of getting to the other side one day.
I brought home six boxes of papers, files, and work that needs attention and sorting. I have a terrible habit of putting papers under my desk and losing files. So this is an opportunity to organize myself better I hope.
Shirley Mitchell has been our “office angel” some eleven years now, coming in at least two days a week. She has helped create the office filing system, has maintained our historic registers impeccably, and kept Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals on track. “Officially” Shirley “retires” as of this week. Unofficially she will remain an off-site consultant! She merits the deep, heartfelt gratitude of the SouthWest family for her commitment and dedication that have sustained us. We are grateful for the time and energy she devoted over the years to our Mission project. Your quiet efficiency, caring discretion and thoughtful opinions will be missed. Thank-you, Shirley.
Check out the summer schedule for SouthWest on this Blog (What’s open and closed/ Ce qui est ouvert) and invite friends to sign up to our newsletter to be kept informed of activities and changes.
When we know the start date of construction on Clémenceau you will be notified of our plan. Thank-you Keith and Darlene for attending the Verdun Borough's information session on our behalf.
My Bible inspiration comes from Proverbs 14: 23. 
Hard work always pays off; mere talk puts no bread on the table!
For now,I return to the piles of papers needing attention.
And imagine the cleared desk when we return into the office at the end of the summer. 

Rev. David
514 567-7756