Heat Wave and Remembrance

As the vulnerable succumbed to the extreme high heat this week across Quebec, we pause to remember them, some 33 who died.
We light our candle at worship and hold them, their friends and families in our hearts and prayers.
We ask that neighbours and community show concern for those who are alone, and that our remembrance be a commitment to love our neighbour as we love God and ourselves.

A Heat Wave Prayer:
God of creation,
may the glistening beads of sweat upon our brow, remind us of our baptismal promises;
may the slowing of our paces and practices,
remind us of the sacredness of each moment;
and may the sweltering waves of heated air,
remind us of your Spirit which moves amongst us. 
Keep safe those who work and those who play this day, as we tend to our neighbours in need. Amen.
(Diocese of Niagara, 2013)

Rev. David

We're still in for some more hot days. For tips on how to protect yourself during a heat wave, see this pamphlet from the government of Quebec: